14 students injured in bus crash, at-fault driver flees

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the location of our story today, where a school bus was struck by another vehicle that itself was clipped by a car. A sedan was trying to pass some tractor-trailers that had escort vehicles. The sedan clipped one of the escort vehicles, and that escort swung into oncoming traffic as a result. The escort vehicle collided with the school bus, which rolled over.

14 students were injured in the crash, two of which suffered injuries that were serious enough to require transport to a trauma center. The bus driver and another person were also hospitalized, but all the injured people other than the two trauma center patients were later released.

The story indicates that the driver fled the scene, as the police are still looking for the vehicle that caused it. They said it is a light colored sedan that should have some front-end damage to it. Few other details are being provided, but the decision by the driver of the sedan makes this a criminal investigation now. Fleeing the scene of an accident that you are involved in, especially one that you caused, is a crime.

While the criminal investigation goes on, the civil unrest this has caused many families in the Lancaster will continue. Kids have suffered terrible injuries that could quite possibly change their lives forever. Families will go through emotional strife during this time, especially since there is a cloud hanging over all of this due to the at-fault driver’s decision to flee. When the investigation is over and done with, these families should consider their legal situation.

Source: 6abc.com, “School bus flips in Lancaster County hit-and-run crash,” May 17, 2017