Car accidents can have life-long impact on victims

Until the unrealized dawn of self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles becomes a reality, there will be negligent drivers and irresponsible people behind the wheel of motor vehicles. Even when self-driving cars become the norm, there will be technical problems and emergencies that could lead to a car accident. There is no version of the future where car accidents are completely eliminated. Mistakes will happen. So the most important thing we can do, as a society, is be prepared for these mistakes and take action when necessary.

Car accidents can deal terrible injuries to the people involved. Head, neck and spinal injuries could ruin a person. A brain injury could forever change their life. Broken bones and permanent scars could also drastically affect a person’s future or career. These aren’t hypothetical situations — there are countless examples of people suffering like this due to car accidents.

If one of the drivers involved in the crash was negligent, and that negligence can be proven, then the victims of the crash should seek legal help immediately. Having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side could lead to the reckless driver being held responsible, while giving you the chance to earn compensation to deal with the medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering that were unjustly thrust upon you.

At Engle Kauffman, P.C., we work hard for Pennsylvania residents that have been victimized by reckless drivers. We can review your case and answers any questions you may have about your case and the legal process it would follow.