Driver suffers medical emergency, crash injures 5

An accident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania saw a car plow into a restaurant, leaving five people with injuries. Four people in the vehicle suffered injuries, as did on pedestrian that was tangled up in the wreck. None of their injuries were deemed life threatening. It appears that the driver of the vehicle, a 36-year-old man, suffered a medical emergency of some kind causing him to love control of his vehicle. Little else is known at this point about the crash.

What we would like to talk about from this crash is the true “accidental” nature of this particular wreck. Car accidents are called “accidents” for a reason, but it has become so commonplace to call a collision between motor vehicles an “accident” that the accidental nature gets lost. Many “accidents” are actually caused by negligent drivers who made intentional decisions.

Some drivers choose to look at their cellphones while they drive. Some people choose to consume alcohol or take drugs prior to getting behind the wheel of a car. Some people talk with their friends in the backseat when they should be focused on the road ahead of them. These decisions can lead to car crashes, and the victims may never be the same again.

But sometimes there are true “accidents” when cars collide with each other — or in this case, a building. It is important to remember this in the context of civil lawsuits and person injury litigation.

Source: Action News 4, “5 injured, including pedestrian, when car crashes into Capital Grille in downtown Pittsburgh,” July 13, 2017