Helmet camera helps catch reckless driver

We’ve talked about motorcycle accidents on this blog before. They are a huge problem because the motorcyclists are often left with serious or fatal injuries. Motorcycles simply have very few safety features, and there aren’t many protective options that motorcyclists have other than a helmet, gloves, and some padded clothing.

But there is one piece of equipment that motorcyclists can, and should, use to at least give them a new tool to use when they are out on the road: helmet cameras.

recent incident on a California roadway exemplifies this notion. A motorcyclist was driving down a highway when he saw a car behind him acting in an erratic fashion. The vehicle eventually passed the motorcyclist, but moments later it crashed into numerous vehicles in front of the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was equipped with a helmet camera and captured the entire incident on video. The motorcyclist also called 911 and helped apprehend the negligent driver.

Helmet cameras aren’t just useful for catching reckless drivers in the act – they can also help motorcyclists who are entangled in a crash themselves. The evidence that is captured on a video camera could be given to the police, who may use that evidence to place blame or fault on another driver. Furthermore, your video evidence could be used to support your claims when you go to your insurance company after the crash.

Video cameras mounted on or built into helmets is a game changer for motorcyclists. If you ride a motorcycle, you should consider using these helmets to help you during your rides.