Ending an unfulfilling marriage

Divorce is often portrayed as a terrible thing that every couple should try to avoid. However, it is unrealistic to think that every marriage will work out. Some people get married to soon. Others live long happy lives together, but learn over time that they aren’t right for each other. And some couples just grow apart or change significantly, to the point that staying together is no longer an option. Should these couples just ignore their feelings because of the perceived notion that divorce is “bad?”

The fact of the matter is that unhappy couples living in an unfulfilling marriage should seek counseling — and if their marriage can’t be saved, then a divorce shouldn’t be seen as the shameful option. Divorce can help fix what is wrong with your marriage: itself.

Now, we aren’t advocating something that will fix everything in your life. But a divorce will begin the legal process of removing a major stressor in your life. And of course, a divorce doesn’t have to be the stressful event that it is portrayed as in movies and television shows.

Family law mediation is a viable and beneficial option for many couples that decide to file for divorce. During mediation, you and your spouse are still able to come to your own conclusion and how your divorce will be finalized, as opposed to a judge making the ruling. However, a mediator comes in to facilitate the discussions the two of you have so that a solution may present itself more quickly.