Pennsylvania car accident leaves many in hospital

Five people were injured in a car accident in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania recently after one vehicle failed to stop at an intersection and plowed into the driver’s side door of another vehicle. The crash happened in the middle of the day a few weekends ago. The four people in the vehicle were hospitalized for their injuries, though three of them did not appear to be in serious condition. The driver of the struck vehicle was listed as having possibly suffered serious injuries.

The driver that caused the accident was charged by the police for his negligent driving, though there are no details about his status.

There is little other information provided in our source article, but sadly this is just the same old story all across the country. Accidents like this happen every day. Hundreds upon hundreds of them. Some of them are fatal. Others cause serious injuries. But the recurring theme is that too many drivers are out on the road operating their vehicles in a negligent or otherwise dangerous fashion.

Given this inherent nature of the road these days, many accident victims need to consider their legal stance after an accident. Did the at fault driver do something grossly negligent? Were they speeding, drinking, or using a cell phone while they were driving? Were there other circumstances that prove their liability? In these cases, you should consult with an attorney so that you are fully aware of your rights and your options.

Source: Associated Press, “5 Injured Including 2 Children After Car Crash,” Oct. 16, 2017