The many different injuries caused by car accidents

As we have outlined in many of our posts recently, car accidents pose serious threats to people out on the road, and they continue to happen at an incredible pace. Many people will be affected everyday as a result of car accidents, and some will even lose their lives. But for the ones who survive the accidents, moderate, severe, or even catastrophic injuries may await them. With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the injuries that can be suffered by car accident victims.

Head and back injuries are typical injuries that car accident victims suffer. Your head may strike the dashboard, the windows, or the steering wheel – depending on where you are sitting – in a car accident. This could leave you with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), a fractured skull, a concussion, or even leave you in a coma. All of these injuries can affect other vital systems and organs in your body. Additionally, your back can be severely damaged in a car accident. You could suffer a herniated disk, whiplash, fracture a vertebra, or suffer temporary or permanent paralysis due to damage to your neck or spinal cord.

Chest and torso injuries are common too. Victims of accidents can deal with severe localized trauma to vital organs, or they may suffer broken ribs, vocal cord paralysis (due to swelling), collapsed lungs, and a wide variety of other nasty injuries.

And of course, we can’t forget about the extremities. Your arms and legs could suffer cuts, bruises, broken bones, ligament damage, and many other severe injuries that alter the way you live your life. All of this should drive home a clear point: there is a lot of harm that can come from car accidents, so please be safe out on the road.