Accident on Turnpike involves 3 trucks and 1 car

A major motor vehicle accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Bensalem, Pennsylvania left four vehicles with damage. The wreck itself hasn’t been fully explained yet, but what we do know is that three trucks and one other vehicle were involved. The other vehicle ran into the back of one of the trucks, and then behind that crash the two other trucks collided. There are few other details here, so unfortunately that sparse explanation will have to suffice for now.

The police are investigating the crash and there will surely be more information released about it soon. No injuries were reported according to the source article, but the Pennsylvania Turnpike was backed up for hours as a result of the crash.

Without much information to go off of, let’s discuss a couple of critical points about truck accidents. The first is that they are often more chaotic and damaging than any other form of motor vehicle accident. The reason for this is obvious. Trucks are bigger and more powerful than other vehicles, meaning they have more potential to cause injuries in a crash and they will likely create more debris at the scene of an accident than other vehicles.

The other thing to remember here is that truck drivers are often at fault for accidents, though that doesn’t appear to be the case here (at least for now). A full investigation into a truck accident is always necessary to determine the full extent of the wreck.

Source: Action News, “Multiple tractor-trailers, car involved in Pa. Turnpike crash in Bensalem,” Dec. 7, 2017