On the nation’s drunk driving problem

Drunk driving is an infuriating reason for a car accident. The driver who is intoxicated is well aware of his or her inebriated state, and making the decision to get behind the wheel of a car in such a mental state is unacceptable. They not only put their own life at risk, but they put the lives of everyone out on the road with them at risk. It is a travesty that these drivers are out there so often.

And when we say “often,” we mean it. The data proves it to be true. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 10,497 deaths related to drunk driving car accidents last year. That is a truly jaw-dropping number of fatal drunk driving accidents, and it reveals the scale and scope of the problem.

The source that provided this information also goes into detail about how a driver’s senses are affected as their blood alcohol concentration increases. By the time a driver’s blood alcohol level reaches 0.08 (the legal limit), their decision making becomes suspect, their cognitive abilities are diminished, and their coordination and judgement gets much worse.

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no excuse for driving under the influence of alcohol. You should never do it. Everyone out on the road is worse off for it. And when an accident happens at the hands of a drunk driving, that intoxicated individual needs to be held accountable.

Source: NHTSA, “Drunk Driving,” Accessed Dec. 12, 2017