Pennsylvania Turnpike site of 4-truck accident

The Pennsylvania Turnpike was the site of a four-vehicle accident, where all of the vehicles involved were large trucks. Two tractor trailers and two box trucks were involved in the crash, and there are no reports about injuries to the drivers and people involved. In fact, there are almost no details about the crash at all. The one thing we do know is that the northbound lanes were closed for a period of time.

What we can easily assume from this story is that some damage was done to the vehicles, and in many truck accidents, the damage is serious. Tractor trailers and larger trucks carry so much momentum into their accidents that the vehicles and people that are ultimately hit by them often suffer horrible damage or harm.

It is for this reason that truck drivers need to be especially careful when they are operating their vehicles — and yet, for the most part, their job doesn’t necessarily cater to this idea. They have deadlines to meet, shipments to deliver, and more shifts to collect. This means it can be difficult to get the proper amount of sleep and rest necessary to do the job safely, and truck drivers often operate their vehicles in unsafe ways (such as speeding) to meet their deadlines.

When truck drivers do this, an accident is likely. And when their negligence can be proven, a personal injury lawsuit can hold them liable for their reckless and dangerous ways.

Source: Lehigh Valley Live, “4 trucks crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike, temporarily closing Interstate 476 North,” Accessed Feb. 23, 2018