NFL player arrested on drunk driving charge

Last week, a truly bizarre accident occurred in New York that made the headlines for numerous reasons. The accident in question involved a National Football League player that was operating his vehicle in an inebriated state of mind. The player, Jets linebacker Dylan Donahue, drove the wrong way down the Lincoln Tunnel and eventually crashed into a bus. Four passengers aboard the bus were injured in the wreck, though miraculously none of them were seriously hurt.

The accident occurred around 2 a.m. and when he was detained by police for a breath test, Donahue blew a 0.15. He has since been charged with a DWI and reckless driving. It also appears that Donahue was driving around traffic cones and exhibiting truly dangerous behavior as he entered the Lincoln Tunnel.

Drunk driving accidents like this are so infuriating, simply because this exemplifies a lot of them. When you are intoxicated or inebriated, you aren’t thinking properly and your judgment is severely impaired. This leads to terrible decision making, poor hand eye coordination, and an inability to properly gauge what is happening in front of you. You should never get behind the wheel of a car when you have consumed alcohol.

Those that do make themselves liable when they get into a crash, and it doesn’t matter if you are a star NFL player or an average U.S. citizen. Driving drunk is unacceptable, and the victims of these crashes deserve justice.

Source: Deadspin, “Jets LB Dylan Donahue Charged With DWI After Driving Wrong Way In Lincoln Tunnel, Hitting Bus,” Patrick Redford, Feb. 26, 2018