Keeping teen drivers safe during ‘100 Deadliest Days’

Summer is nearly in full swing, and for teenagers this typically means weeks of fun and relaxation.

However, summer is also a potentially dangerous time, particularly for teenage drivers. In fact, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are known as the 100 Deadliest Days for teen drivers. With this in mind, parents should discuss with their teenage drivers some important ways to stay safe on the road this summer.

  • Avoiding distractions – One of the most dangerous driving behaviors is getting distracted. People get distracted by their phones, their in-car infotainment systems and even grooming habits. Remind young drivers to stay focused on driving; parents should also avoid distractions while driving to set a positive example.
  • Enforcing passenger restrictions – Having several other teenagers in a car can be a major hazard for a young driver. As such, parents should talk to them about minimizing the number of passengers in a vehicle. When there are other teens in the car, make sure your young motorist knows to be responsible and to request the same of his or her passengers.
  • Calling for a ride – Young people might experiment with drugs or alcohol, which likely makes parents very disappointed and upset. However, it is important that they know they can call for a ride or borrow money for a cab ride if they are impaired. If they are too scared to ask for a parent’s help, a teenager might take the risk of driving while drunk or drugged, which can have catastrophic consequences.
  • Avoiding bad road conditions – Parents might want to minimize a teen’s driving late at night, during storms and at peak traffic hours. These are times when accidents can be more common, so staying off the road can keep teen drivers safe.

Unfortunately, there are only so many precautions drivers can take to avoid accidents, especially during periods when crashes are more likely. In the event that you or your child is hurt in a serious car accident this summer, then it is crucial to get medical attention right away and discuss your legal options for compensation with an attorney.