Woman’s permanent injury prompts lawsuit

When people go to visit places in Pennsylvania, they are relying on the groundskeepers and maintenance workers to upkeep the surrounding areas so they can enjoy the attractions without being at risk of serious bodily harm. There are times, however, when people may experience a personal injury that they feel could have been entirely preventable if adequate measures were implemented to protect visitors of specific attractions.

This is the scenario that one family in Horry County, South Carolina is facing after their recent visit to Family Kingdom. A woman alleges that she experienced a traumatic and permanent injury to her back. The woman acknowledged that she had experienced back problems previously, but claims that the car of a roller coaster she was riding on became airborne before slamming back onto the tracks and causing her previous pain to flare up with significant intensity.

The woman cited the amusement park’s negligence in maintaining and upkeeping the roller coaster that is over 50 years old as one of the reasons why park-goers should be warned. Another reason she listed in her lawsuit alleging negligence was the park’s ignorance in informing park-goers that the roller coaster was significantly rougher and more dangerous than other comparable rides.

If people have been injured, temporarily or permanently, because of the perceived negligence of another person, party or entity, an attorney may be a valuable partner to consider. Legal professionals are familiar with the challenges of filing a personal injury lawsuit and can help people work toward getting compensation for their injuries.

Source: myrtlebeachonline.com, “A ‘dangerous’ roller coaster ride? Local woman files suit after injury at Family Kingdom,” Hannah Strong, Mar. 14, 2019