What increases the chances of a speeding ticket?

Speeding is the most common crime. Almost every driver is guilty of doing it at one point or another with many drivers being habitually guilty. The reason it is so prevalent is not that it is a harmless crime. In fact, speeding is the leading cause of accidents. It can kill. However, it is merely impossible for law enforcement to be able to stop every single speeder on Pennsylvania roadways. This can be good for you if you have a lead foot. Some people like to think law enforcement targets certain individuals over others, which is true to some point.

CBS News explains that there are some specific details that could make it more likely for you to be pulled over for speeding. You are most likely to have an officer stop you if you are going 10 miles per hour or more over the speed limit. It is also more likely to happen to you if you are a young male. Although, being a male of any age makes you more likely for a traffic stop than if you were a woman.

Officers also seem to be more active during the afternoon when traffic is calmer. There are not as many cars on the road, so you are easier to catch. Plus, officers do not have much else to do besides watch for speeders since traffic is slow.

So, if you are younger, a male, going excessively fast or driving during light traffic conditions, then you increase your chances of getting a speeding ticket. It is almost always the best choice to just obey speed limit signs. It will help keep you safe and avoid a costly ticket.