The hidden dangers of a cat bite

In Pennsylvania, plenty of people keep cats as pets. Moreover, the public generally considers dogs to be the “bigger” bite risk – or at least the more dangerous one. However, victims of cat bite attacks may actually face higher medical bills due to a unique risk that may accompany a cat’s bite.

Healthline discusses the possibility of serious infection, which is a major risk with cat bites. While dog bites can become infected as well, it is less likely due to the design of a dog’s mouth. Cat’s teeth, on the other hand, are capable of injecting bacteria deep under the surface of a human’s skin. In some cases, it can even get into the fat layer below. Deep bites like this have a higher chance of circulating bacteria throughout the body or allowing it to grow rapidly at the injection site.

Mayo Clinic also shares that one in every three people bitten on the hand by a cat end up having to be hospitalized for an infection. The bacteria from a cat’s mouth can be stubborn and difficult to fight. It can require rounds of antibiotics and careful hospital watch. Hospitalization for particularly severe infection can last days or even weeks. Unfortunately, this medical attention can be costly to the victim.

Because of the expenses of extended medical supervision, antibiotics, and other costs associated with combating infection, many victims of cat bite attacks may benefit from the aid of an experienced personal injury attorney. They may be able to help victims gain the compensation they deserve.