Whiplash after a car accident

When Pennsylvania residents get into a car accident, they may think they do not have an injury. However, over the next few days, people might realize that their neck hurts. It is a good idea for people to recognize the symptoms of whiplash so they can get treatment as soon as possible.

People might easily incur whiplash during a collision. According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash happens when a person’s head snaps back and forth quickly. Many people might think they do not have this injury if their neck does not hurt immediately after the accident. However, people may not notice symptoms for 24 hours. If people have whiplash, they usually experience neck pain and this pain may get worse when people move their necks. They might also have headaches and feel dizzy or tired. Sometimes whiplash might cause someone to have a limited range of motion in his or her neck.

When people realize they might have whiplash, they need to see a doctor. Healthline says that doctors typically perform a physical exam to test a patient’s range of motion. They also might do an X-ray or an MRI to determine the full extent of the injury. If a case of whiplash is relatively mild, some physicians may recommend that people ice their neck and take over-the-counter pain relievers. If the injury is more severe, however, a doctor might write a prescription.

Besides taking pain medication, there are other treatments a person might pursue. Some people might need to attend physical therapy, so that they can regain flexibility in their necks. They also might learn how to relax their necks, so they do not strain these muscles. Additionally, some people might need to wear a neck brace for a few days.