Can slip and fall accidents happen in the summer?

Most people associate slip and fall accidents with wet surfaces, specifically, snow and ice. The reality is that this type of accident can happen at any time of the year, even in summer.

Even without winter hazards, slip and fall accidents and potential resulting injuries can occur. Summer brings its own risks, such as slippery areas around pools, cracked sidewalks and other hazards that can emerge in stores or commercial areas.

Issues become obvious

The warm weather of summer can reveal issues that winter kept under wraps, such as cracks or holes in sidewalks and parking lots. Winter also leaves its impact in other ways, such as shifting of sidewalks, the emergence of potholes or general wear in carpeting and rugs.

More people out and about

Another thing about summer is that it gets people out of their homes, so they are more likely to go shopping, see a movie, attend a summer festival or enjoy other activities. Sidewalks, stores and other areas will have crowds that were not there in the winter, making it more difficult to travel normal walking routes and increasing the risks for falls. Excess traffic can cause rugs to shift as more people move in and out. It can lead to employees being too busy to keep floors clean, dry and safe.

Common problems still remain

The season has no impact on common slip and fall hazards, such as uneven flooring, stairs with handrails, loose rugs and slippery floors or surfaces. While wet floors may not be as common of an issue issue in areas without a pool or beach nearby, there are still plenty of things that could lead to someone taking a tumble, and summer is a great time to fix issues and prevent accidents.