Do you recognize the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury?

Recently, you were in a motor vehicle accident, one that seemed relatively minor. You may feel fine, but there is a chance you suffered a traumatic brain injury but do not know it.

It is important to learn to recognize the symptoms of a brain injury. You could have a personal injury case on your hands, one for which the at-fault party bears financial responsibility.

Mild traumatic brain injury

Physical symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury include loss of coordination, momentary unconsciousness, speech problems, headache and nausea. Sensory symptoms range from light or sound sensitivity to blurred vision, changes in smell and ringing in your ears. You may also display some common mental symptoms such as depression, difficulty concentrating and mood shifts.

Moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury

Physical indications of a moderate-to-severe TBI, which can appear within hours or days after your accident, include lack of sensation in your extremities, fluid from the nose or ears and chronic headache. You may also experience seizures, pupil dilation or trouble waking up. Mentally, moderate-to-severe TBI symptoms include slurred words, intense confusion and falling into a coma.

Complications of traumatic brain injury

You must seek medical attention if you even suspect you may have a TBI. Left untreated, a brain injury can lead to such complications as a vegetative state, coma, brain death or severely altered consciousness. You could also suffer an infection, fluid buildup in your brain, damaged blood vessels and vertigo.

Do any of the above symptoms ring true for your current post-accident condition? Immediate medical attention may save your life and health and help support any legal case that you may have.