Reviewing distracted driving statistics

Motor vehicle collisions happen for a host of reasons, including drowsy driving, people making the reckless decision to drink alcohol before operating a vehicle, speeding and bad weather. However, distracted driving plays a role in many motor vehicle wrecks and it is important for drivers to go over statistics on these crashes to develop a better understanding of this issue and stay safe on the road.

Sadly, distracted driving wrecks occur far too often and turn many lives upside down.

Distracted driving and looking at the numbers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 2,800 people lost their lives in distracted driving wrecks over the course of 2018. Moreover, estimates suggest that these crashes resulted in roughly 400,000 injuries during the same year. These accidents not only claim the lives of other drivers and passengers, but many bicyclists and pedestrians pass away in distracted driving collisions as well. Moreover, the consequences of injuries suffered in these collisions are often significant, with many victims experiencing high levels of physical pain and the reality that they cannot walk ever again.

Distracted driving and other challenges

Aside from serious injuries, the financial toll of distracted driving crashes is very devastating for many victims also. Some have an incredibly hard time recovering from a wreck in terms of their finances, especially if they had to take time off work because of their injuries or they are trying to manage costly medical bills. Emotional battles are also common, such as anxiety and depression, and some victims suffer in terms of their personal relationships.