Bicycle Safety Tips for Riding in Pennsylvania

bicycle ridingYou enjoy the freedom and flexibility that riding a bicycle gives you. At times, you will have to share the road with larger and much faster vehicles. You must take the measures necessary to prevent an accident with such vehicles. In general, you should ride either on designated bikeways or on the shoulder of the road you are on, and you should ride in a way that makes your movements visible and predictable.
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Safety Tips
The best way to prevent an accident is to exercise vigilance on the road and conscientiousness in your preparations for riding. The bicycle laws of Pennsylvania should be adhered to because they are designed to keep cyclists safe. Here some of the tips and laws you should follow:
1. Equipping your bike
You must equip your bicycle with a front lamp and rear and side reflectors that can be seen 500 feet away. This will help motorists see you and will also illuminate your path. You must install brakes on your bicycle that will allow you to stop within 15 feet. You should also think about installing a bell or horn in case you need to alert pedestrians.
2. Riding on the sidewalk
Pedestrians have the right-of-way on sidewalks. You should give an audible signal to any pedestrian that you approach. In many business districts, it is forbidden for bicyclists to ride on a sidewalk.
3. Parking and helmets
You are allowed to park your bike on the sidewalk, but you must not interfere with pedestrian traffic. You can also park your bike on curbs or on the edge of roadways where parking is allowed, but you must not obstruct the ability of other vehicles to move.
Pennsylvania law mandates that everyone under the age of 12 wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. If you are an adult cyclist, you should get into the habit of wearing a helmet. The fact is helmets work. If the worst happens and you are in an accident with a motor vehicle, your helmet can protect you from severe head injuries.
4. Obeying traffic signals
You must obey all traffic signals and stop signs. If a traffic signal does not detect your bike, then you should position your bike in a different part of the road. If you are in the flow of motor vehicle traffic, you should use hand signals so that drivers know your intentions.
5. Other safety tips

Here are some other tips that you should observe while riding your bike:

  • Ride with at least one hand on your handlebars
  • Wear bright cycling clothes
  • Carry a tire repair kit
  • Bring your cell phone in case of emergency

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