3 Tips to Protect yourself from Social Security Scams

social security scamSocial security and disability income continue to be a primary source of income for people all over the country. In fact, more than 65 million people receive some form of benefit on a monthly basis. While social security and other benefits can be quite helpful, the size of the program makes all people susceptible to social security scams. Today, scammers may try to obtain information from you which can be used to directly steal your federal or state benefits or use the information for other nefarious purposes. When speaking with a social security or disability attorney PA residents will frequently receive a few different tips that can provide valuable protection against this risk. These can help to minimize the risk of being a victim and reduce the impact if you are victimized.

Identify Red Flags

One of the most important ways to prevent being a victim of any type of social security scam is to be able to identify red flags. Social security scammers will do their best to get information from someone that is susceptible to these social security scams. In many cases, they will use intelligent programs to make it look like they are calling from a legitimate phone number. During calls, scammers are likely to sound aggressive and threatening as they try to get your personal information including a social security number, address, or bank account information. As a pressure tactic, they will frequently threaten to cut off your benefits entirely. It is important to remember that no legitimate member of the Social Security Administration would ever make these calls. 

Hang Up and Block the Callers

If you do receive a phone call that is suspicious, it is best that you always hang up as soon as you notice that something is wrong. You should then be able to block the phone call using settings in your device. It would also be a good idea to speak with your phone service provider to find a way to block other calls that have a reputation for being scammers. As these crimes continue to impact the lives of many, it would also be helpful to contact the Federal Trade Commission and open an investigation even if the scam attempt was not successful as doing so could prevent other victims in the future. 

Credit Freeze

While some attempts at getting your information are designed to steal benefits, others may be to open up credit cards and other loans in your name. If these attempts have taken place, putting a freeze on your credit is always a good idea. A full credit freeze will preclude someone from trying to open an account and will also alert you if an attempt is made. This can help to protect your credit and information and will dissuade scammers from trying to access your information in the future. 

If you believe that you are a victim of a social security scam, it is important that you act right away to ensure the damage is minimized. For those that are in the area, a State College social security disability attorney can provide a range of services. When you work with State College social security disability lawyers, the first thing they will do is provide a consultation on your case to evaluate the scam and figure out the best path to minimize damage.

The State College social security disability lawyer can then work with the Social Security Administration or other relevant parties to unwind the damage and ensure any benefits are paid to the appropriate party. When looking for social security or disability attorney Pennsylvania residents should call Engle Kauffman & VanHorn. The team of State College social security disability attorneys will work hard to ensure your rights are properly represented.