Dog Bite Statistics in the U.S.

dog biteDogs have continued to be beloved and popular pets by people all over the country. While dogs are generally very friendly and safe to be around, they are still animals that have basic instincts. In some cases, these instincts can cause them to bite someone. If you are bitten, it could lead to physical and emotional trauma and other damages. There are several interesting statistics about dog bites which people should be aware of.

Amount of Dog Bites Each Year

Across the United States, there are more than 78 million dogs that are owned and cared for by pet owners. Each year, there are also nearly an estimated 4.5 million different dog bit incidents.  In many cases, the dog bite damages are covered by an insurance company, which pays out more than $500 million per year in damages to cover medical costs and other losses that a bite victim can incur.

Most Dog Bites are Not Serious

When it comes to dog bites, many people are concerned that even a small bite can cause an infection or serious long-term injury. However, most bites end up being small nips that are not problematic. In fact, more than 80% of total dog bites cause no injury at all or only a minor injury that will not require medical attention. Further, the rate of a catastrophic dog bite resulting in death is also very uncommon. The rate of death from a dog bite is far less likely than being hurt in a cataclysmic storm, being stung by a bee, or being involved in an airline accident.

Spayed or Neutered Dogs are Less Likely to Bite

When getting a new dog, having it spayed or neutered is always a good idea. Having your dog spayed or neutered is always beneficial as it can help with population control and also reduce certain risk factors. These dogs are also less aggressive and are much less likely to bite than a dog that has not received the same treatment.  

Different Breeds Cause More Concern

While any type of dog can bite, there are certain breeds that are more likely to bite and commit serious harm. Pit bulls continue to account for the majority of dog bite deaths. However, this tends to be more due to the fact that they hold onto victims longer and not just the amount of force in the bite. Other breeds, such as the Kangal, have strong bites on a PSI force basis. 

What Causes a Dog to Bite?

Dog bites unfortunately do happen from time to time. The reason that a dog will bite can vary but typically comes down to a few different reasons. In many cases, a dog might feel threatened or scare for either themselves or someone they care about. Dogs are also more likely to bite if they are not feeling well and are irritable. In some cases, the dogs may bite while they are playing and not intend to cause any harm to another person or animal. If you are bitten by a dog, it would be a good idea to call a State College personal injury lawyer to discuss your situation. 

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