Overview of Pennsylvania’s Social Security Laws

social security lawSocial Security is a federal program that was created to help boost the economic security of the people of the United States. One third of the social security beneficiaries are disabled, dependents, or survivors. The majority are retired, or over the age of 65. The eligibility requirements, and qualifications are federally mandated, but the laws may vary by state. In the state of Pennsylvania, the law office of Eagle Kaufman & VanHorn, State College Social Security Disability Attorneys, specializes in assisting clients with the trail of paperwork that is required by the Social Security Administration. The process to receive benefits is a lone one, and millions of people are deemed unqualified, although they have a valid disability. State College Social Security Disability Lawyers can help expedite this process by assuring that all paperwork is properly and accurately submitted.

In the state of Pennsylvania, Supplemental Security Income is provided to people who have limited income or resources. This includes people 65 and older, those who are blind or have other disabilities, and children. Pennsylvania provides a payment along with SSI. One requirement is that the person has nothing valued over $2,000.00 for a single person, and $3,000.00 if a married couple. The state also requires that the person also apply for any other government benefits that may be available for them. A State College Social Security Disability Lawyer can ensure that all the necessary requirements are met by each individual.

Any person applying for Social Security in Pennsylvania must live in the United States or Northern Mariana Islands to get Supplemental Security Income. Individuals who are not legal citizens of the U.S. may still be eligible to receive benefits. A disability attorney PA can offer clarity in these situations. Many non-residents in the state have been assisted with meeting the eligibility requirements with the State College Social Security Disability Lawyer. The payment that the state of Pennsylvania adds to the Supplemental Security Income provided by the federal government is received in one payment. This includes people who live in homes provided by others, or personal care homes. A person who lives independently on their own would receive a separate check from the state of Pennsylvania as well as the Supplemental Security Income payment from the federal government. The PA disability attorney is knowledgeable of all eligibility requirements of the state, and can help eliminate the most common mistakes that people often make on their own.

The Social Security Administration has set standards for their eligibility requirements. All states have similar requirements for retirement with SSA. A person can retire at the age of 65. If a disability stops them from continuing to work, they must have ample verification from their medical team to qualify. The disability attorney Pennsylvania can endure that all pertinent forms are obtained and submitted. Pennsylvania also requires that the person applying for benefits meet the income and work limits that have been set by the Social Security Administration. The amount of benefit payment in PA is based on the average lifetime earnings of the individual. Most recipients receive from $800.00-$1,800.00 per month.

The average income benefit payment from the Federal government was $1,258.00 nationally. The additional payment from the state of Pennsylvania increased payment to $1,800.00. This amount could be reduced if the person is receiving a disability payment installment of a fee from another source. It is wise to seek the advice of disability attorney Pennsylvania when the time comes to apply for Social Security benefits. Your lawyer can assist in the avoidance of the proverbial red tape that many people find complicated. Engle Kauffman & VanHorn, State College Social Security Disability Attorneys, are experts with over 60 years experience working with Social Security law.