What Can a DUI Be Reduced to in PA?

A lapse of judgment following a night out could prove costly. If you decide to get behind the wheel of your vehicle in your intoxicated state, you might be charged with a serious violation, DUI. However, there may be a way to get your driving under the influence charge reduced.

Here at Engle, Kauffman, and VanHorn, we can present you with the best possible solutions if you ever find yourself in that kind of predicament. Choose us to be your lawyer, and we will work on getting your DUI charge reduced.

How Often Are DUI Charges Reduced?

You may be surprised to learn that this kind of thing happens pretty often. It’s a regular occurrence because it’s a move that can appeal to both sides.

The prosecution wants you to be charged, but they may not have enough evidence for a DUI conviction. In that situation, they may be more open to a reduced charge. Meanwhile, you and your Pennsylvania DUI lawyer may be amenable to a wet reckless charge because of the lighter penalties.

Both sides being on the same page boosts the chances of getting DUI reduced to reckless driving.

The other side may also agree to a lighter based on certain factors. They will consider the circumstances of your violation. Did your actions lead to an accident, and how close were you to the legal blood alcohol content limit?

The prosecution will also consider your history of traffic offenses. If you’ve committed more than a few traffic violations in the past, the prosecution will likely be less inclined to work with you.

Lastly, the prosecutors will also evaluate how difficult charging you will be. There may not be plenty of evidence available in your case so getting that DUI conviction may be a significant challenge. You may get them to agree to a lesser charge as long as you will be punished for your bad behavior.

Wet Reckless Charge

Before you instruct your lawyer to work on reducing your changes, you should first consider what the outcome of that could be. In many cases, defense attorneys negotiate with the prosecution to get their client’s charge reduced to a wet reckless offense.

A wet reckless charge is a variant of reckless driving that typically involves alcohol consumption. It is considered a less serious offense relative to a DUI violation.

The likely penalties for a wet reckless charge in Pennsylvania include a fine of $200, required attendance of an alcohol education and treatment program, and four points on your driving record. You may also be sentenced to 90 days in jail and have your license suspended for six months. Notably, jail sentences are rarely handed down in wet reckless cases.

Knowing all those penalties, you and your criminal defense attorney PA can now decide if working on reducing your charges is worth it. If a wet reckless charge carries lighter penalties than your DUI charge, then aiming for the former would indeed be a smart move.

See if your charge can be reduced to a wet reckless offense if you are charged with either a 3802 (d) (2) or (d) (3) violation. The penalties of a wet reckless charge will be preferable to the alternatives in that scenario. Pleading guilty to a wet reckless charge may also be the right move to make if you are being charged with a 3802(a)(1) violation that led to an accident.

Want a DUI Charge Reduced?

Enlisting the help of a criminal defense attorney in PA is an absolute must if you want to get your DUI charge reduced to a wet reckless violation.

Your attorney can evaluate your case carefully and decide if aiming for a reduced charge is the right move to make. They can weigh the evidence available and understand how strong the prosecution’s case is.

If you do decide to plead to a lesser charge, your lawyer can strike a deal with the prosecution to make that happen.

We at Engle, Kauffman, and VanHorn can work with you while you decide the next steps you want to take in your DUI case. Getting a DUI charge reduced is easier if you partner with experienced lawyers, so do not hesitate to contact us today!