Speeding: Why It May End Up Being Worse Than You Thought

Most people that drive want to get to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. This often leads them to drive faster than the speed limit, which can be dangerous. In addition to being dangerous, speeding can also have serious financial consequences. If a driver is caught going over the speed limit, they can face hefty fines and, in some cases, even jail time.

More worrisome than the financial consequences of speeding is the fact that it can have lasting effects on your driving record. A speeding ticket can remain on a driver’s record for several months and can cause their insurance rates to skyrocket. This means that a driver could end up paying significantly more for car insurance over the long term due to one moment of bad judgment. In extreme cases, they may even lose the ability to obtain car insurance altogether. Save yourself from the consequences of speeding, and follow the Pennsylvania speeding laws to help ensure your safety and financial well-being.

Consequences of Speeding in PA

From increasing fines to points racking up on your driving record, it is clear that the consequences of speeding can be severe.

Speeding Ticket Fines

PA speeding ticket fines and points can be incredibly damaging and can stay on your record for more than a year. Fines can range in hundreds of dollars and are not one-size-fits-all. For instance, while you might be charged $45 for going 55 mph in a 45mph zone, you might be charged over $100 for going over 100mph in a 70mph zone. These fines can be extremely confusing to keep track of.

In addition, if you were speeding due to driving under the influence or driving recklessly, you would be charged with a more serious offense. This could lead to even higher fines and even jail time. These fines for multiple offenses can add up quickly, making it even harder to pay off tickets.

Points on Your Record

Additionally, a PA speeding ticket can come with points on your license ranging from two to five points. These points can increase your insurance rates and can lead to a suspended license. Do you think it is hard to rack up points? Something as simple as accidentally speeding in a school zone can lead to three points on your license, along with an increased fine.

Not only this but if you rack up enough points, your license can be suspended or even revoked. If your license is suspended, you will be required to go through a process to reinstate it. This can include costly fees and additional points on your license. So, even if you are able to pay off the fines associated with a speeding ticket, your record may still be damaged.

Insurance Rates

Insurance companies use prior driving information when calculating your rates, and if you have a few speeding tickets, they may decide to increase your rates or even cancel your insurance policy altogether. You might also struggle to find a new policy with the same coverage since insurance companies can view you as an increased risk.

Potential Lawsuits

Let us say you were speeding and got into an accident. Even if you were not directly at fault, due to the fact that you were speeding, a jury could decide that your negligence led to the accident and award damages against you. This means that you might be responsible for any medical bills or other costs associated with the accident. You will then need to hire a PA criminal defense attorney to avoid potential jail time due to negligence and to help you fight the lawsuit if it goes to court.

Seek a Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney for Legal Help

At Engle, Kauffman & VanHorn, P.C., we know that a speeding ticket can have serious repercussions. We want to help you protect your record and wallet so that you can stay safe on the roads. At our office, you can find a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney to help you understand the consequences of your ticket and how to proceed so that you do not suffer more serious financial and legal consequences in the future. We can provide you with advice and resources to help make your situation less overwhelming. Give us a call today for more information about our services and to help protect your future.