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Can Police Take Your Computer When They Accuse You of a Crime? April 22, 2024 | college student criminal defense

Our computers are extensions of ourselves—repositories of personal, professional, and, at times, sensitive information. When the specter of criminal accusations looms, the question of whether law enforcement can confiscate your computer becomes not just legal but deeply personal. Understanding the Legal Groundwork Law enforcement’s primary duty is to investigate and prevent crime. In pursuit of this duty, officers may find it necessary to seize items that… READ MORE

How Reckless Driving in Low Speed Limit Zones Become an Aggravating Factor April 17, 2023 | college student criminal defense

When it comes to reckless driving in PA, you may want to think twice. Reckless driving in low-speed limit zones can become an aggravating factor in an array of different ways. It may even cause you to have to enlist the assistance of a criminal defense attorney PA. Below is a list of examples in which you may need the help of criminal defense attorneys to… READ MORE

How can disorderly conduct impact your education? October 16, 2020 | college student criminal defense

Going to college means ample opportunity for you to socialize and experience new and exciting adventures. However, sometimes certain factors may cause unanticipated circumstances and you may find yourself participating in situations you later regret. Charges of disorderly conduct could impact your education in ways you did not expect. Your understanding of what constitutes disorderly conduct, as well as how it may impact your life can… READ MORE

What are Pennsylvania’s ignition interlock requirements? September 10, 2020 | college student criminal defense

With the school year starting in State College, all students should be aware of how serious drunk driving is and take steps to prevent it. Drunk driving carries a variety of heavy penalties attached to it, in addition to the risks inherent with getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. One of these penalties is ignition interlock devices. Like all states in the country, Pennsylvania has ignition… READ MORE

Can a criminal conviction prevent you from becoming a teacher? March 24, 2020 | college student criminal defense

Thinking about becoming a teacher in Pennsylvania? If so, it would serve you well to live your life within the eyes of the law. Why? The state requires that you have what it considers to be “good moral character” before it allows you to teach within state lines. Doing anything that could potentially call your character into question can affect your ability to teach. Currently, the… READ MORE