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Get the facts about Pennsylvania DUI penalties September 13, 2019 | drunk driving

Whether you are a student, an alum or an ardent local fan, Penn State football season is an exciting time of year. Before you let the festivities carry you away, however, make sure you are aware of the penalties for drinking and driving in Pennsylvania. State DUI fines and consequences depend on your tested blood alcohol content at the time of the arrest. The more significant your… READ MORE

Harsher penalties coming to PA drivers with repeat DUIs November 02, 2018 | drunk driving, firm news

A drunk driving charge is something that every Pennsylvania driver should take seriously. Too often, people think they will pay a fine and put the event behind them. And even if someone receives probation, jail time or license suspension, it can be easy to assume that once you get past all that, you can easily move on from a DUI. However, the truth is that even… READ MORE

Impaired driving enforcement efforts ramp up across Pennsylvania August 22, 2018 | drunk driving, firm news

The end of summer is just around the corner. Labor Day is coming up, students are heading back to school and people are already making plans to attend football games and Homecoming parades. All these events are linked to the fall season, but they can also be linked to drunk driving arrests and accidents. During the coming weeks, drivers should be especially wary about driving while… READ MORE

Don’t let celebration lead to incarceration this holiday June 26, 2018 | drunk driving, firm news

Fourth of July is coming up, and that means people across the U.S. will be celebrating our country’s independence. Whether you plan to celebrate with friends at the bar or in your backyard with family, it is crucial that you do so responsibly, as a criminal charge for an offense like drunk driving could have serious consequences. Below, we discuss a few important reminders to think… READ MORE

Drivers should expect additional DUI patrols this weekend May 24, 2018 | drunk driving, firm news

While many may be focused on travelling to their favorite holiday destination and having a great weekend, the dangers that come with Memorial Day weekend cannot be ignored.  The American Automobile Association projects nearly 30 million Americans will take to the road this weekend. Given the anticipated use of alcohol during holiday celebrations, it is understandable that safety advocates view the upcoming weekend as one of… READ MORE