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How Pennsylvania divides property in a divorce December 24, 2019 | family law mediation

When facing a divorce, you are likely worried about how you and your spouse will divide marital assets and debts. This concern is of high importance for individuals who own significant property, such as real estate holdings and investment accounts. Prepare to file for divorce in Pennsylvania by understanding how the state handles property division. Separate vs. marital property Pennsylvania is an equitable division state, which means that… READ MORE

What are the benefits to mediating a divorce? October 01, 2018 | family law mediation, firm news

Spouses who divorce often struggle to be in the same room by the time the legal process is underway. Some can’t even speak to each other without erupting into fights and disagreements. Under these circumstances, it can seem impossible to resolve the various matters related to the divorce cooperatively. However, even when spouses are less than amicable, they can still work together to settle divorce-related matters in… READ MORE

Even in amicable divorces, informal orders may not be wise August 09, 2018 | family law mediation, firm news

Couples who divorce amicably and through mediation often find it easier to navigate the legal process. They can get through difficult negotiations a little faster and be more satisfied with the results. They can also shield their children from a painful, lengthy litigation process. However, it is important to understand that while mediation is a less formal means of divorcing, it still results in legally sound solutions…. READ MORE

Don’t believe these 3 myths of mediation June 14, 2018 | family law mediation, firm news

When people get divorced, they often turn to divorced friends, family members and sometimes even co-workers seeking guidance and advice. However, as helpful as it might seem to talk to someone who has been through this difficult process, it could lead to some inaccurate information and misguided assumptions. For instance, there are numerous myths and misconceptions about mediation, which is a model that gives divorcing parties the… READ MORE

Calm during divorce is achievable March 22, 2018 | family law mediation, firm news

Going through a divorce is an incredibly difficult step, even if you only look at it from the perspective of accomplishing a legal procedure. Now add in the emotional and financial strings that are pulled throughout the process, and it is easy to understand why people say a divorce will be one of the most painful things you will go through in life. This doesn’t mean… READ MORE