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The products consumers use should work and be defect-free, right? April 19, 2019 | firm news, personal injury

Here’s an assumption that we submit merits unanimous agreement among our readers and all Pennsylvania consumers: The products we daily use should operate safely and as intended. That’s hardly an unreasonable expectation. And it has always been the goal of regulators and government officials in the United States. Individuals and families necessarily rely in good faith on manufactured products from virtually every realm. It is not… READ MORE

What are some signs of internal bleeding? April 15, 2019 | firm news, personal injury

A traumatic injury that produces internal bleeding is usually serious enough that the victim seeks medical help right away or the injury incapacitates the victim and someone on the scene calls for emergency assistance. However, it is possible for a person to suffer internal bleeding from a less severe injury but not be aware there is a problem. Pay attention to these symptoms that may indicate… READ MORE

What are the benefits of collaborative divorce? March 29, 2019 | firm news

Divorce is inevitably a difficult and emotionally trying time. You are splitting from your spouse and are about to begin a new life. However, being unhappy in your marriage does not mean you want to fight your soon-to-be ex. You would like to avoid going to court, but are just unsure what other options are available. Collaborative divorce is a form of alternative dispute resolution, and… READ MORE

Woman’s permanent injury prompts lawsuit March 20, 2019 | firm news, personal injury

When people go to visit places in Pennsylvania, they are relying on the groundskeepers and maintenance workers to upkeep the surrounding areas so they can enjoy the attractions without being at risk of serious bodily harm. There are times, however, when people may experience a personal injury that they feel could have been entirely preventable if adequate measures were implemented to protect visitors of specific attractions…. READ MORE

Traffic fatality trends in Pennsylvania March 13, 2019 | firm news, motor vehicle accidents

If you are like most people in Pennsylvania, you have driven past your fair share of accident scenes on area roads and highways. When you see these things, you may well wonder how many accidents actually happen and how many have severe outcomes. It is also interesting to know how many accidents or deaths are caused essentially by the negligent choices of drivers. According to records… READ MORE