Drug Offenses

State College Drug Charge Attorneys

Aggressively Defending People Against Drug Charges

Even though national views on drug usage may be changing, particularly when it comes to common drugs such as marijuana, you can still face potentially serious consequences for even a first-time offense.

Drug charges, like other criminal charges, can have a significant impact on future opportunities, including employment. More and more, district attorney’s offices are arraigning and moving offenders through the system, even for more common infractions such as marijuana possession or prescription drug possession.

Don’t Face Drug Charges Alone

As drug charges may be treated like major offenses, the potential impact on your life and future can be great. A diligent and experienced attorney, however, can work with you to determine your strategy, and discuss potential options for moving forward.

At Engle, Kauffman & VanHorn, P.C., we provide you with access to a team of attorneys that has accrued significant experience fighting for its clients’ rights. We know the stress and hassle that comes with criminal charges, particularly ones where drugs are involved. Whether you’re a college student or a first-time offender, or you have had repeated incidents, we provide the same aggressive representation.

If you are facing drug charges, a diligent lawyer can help you better understand the process and potential defenses, and relieve some of the pressures of the situation. Prosecutors are tough on drug crimes, and police officers are vigilant in their investigations. With us on your side, we’ll inspect every aspect of your case to give you the best chance of getting the best outcome.

Experienced, Aggressive Representation

Obtaining an attorney quickly will give you more time to explore your legal options. For any questions or concerns about drug charges in State College and central Pennsylvania, call us at (814) 234-8834 or contact us online. Consultations are free.