The Impact A Criminal Charge Will Have On Your Future

How Could Criminal Charges Affect Your Future?

A criminal charge can make your life difficult for years on end. Even after you’ve dealt with the immediate concerns, such as jail time or significant monetary fines, your criminal charge may continue to impact your life.

For many college students who have yet to begin their professional careers, a criminal charge can stifle certain career options, or completely exclude others. You may become ineligible for jobs in certain fields, or become ineligible to obtain certain regulatory licenses or government clearance. Criminal charges can affect your ability to get certain government loans, making college or graduate school difficult to afford. Disclosing your criminal record could also make you ineligible for enrollment in certain schools. For some people, criminal charges could also have an effect on U.S. citizenship and immigration status.

These are all important considerations to undertake when considering how to handle criminal charges, and the impact a criminal charge will have on your future.

The Importance Of Experienced Representation

Students don’t want to see potential opportunities that they have worked for years to obtain to simply disappear. Parents don’t want to see the negative consequences of a criminal charge impact their children’s futures for years down the road, disqualifying them from lucrative and fulfilling opportunities.

At Engle, Kauffman & VanHorn, P.C., our team of skilled attorneys works diligently to minimize the negative impact of criminal charges. We provide knowledgeable representation to help anyone facing criminal charges evaluate all their potential options and strategies, keeping in mind the impact that could result in the future.

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