Premarital Planning/Prenuptial Agreements

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Many people shy away from premarital planning, thinking it is counter-productive to a healthy marriage. In fact, the word “prenup” often comes with a negative connotation. However, experience has taught us that premarital planning has exactly the opposite effect. It allows both spouses to know where each stands financially entering into the marriage and where each would stand upon the death of one spouse or in the event of a subsequent divorce. Premarital planning alleviates many of the financial misunderstandings that can damage a marriage. It is particularly crucial for those with children from a previous relationship or when either spouse is involved in a family business.

We will help you review your assets, debt and financial goals in the event of a death or the end of a marriage, and will sensitively design a plan and craft an agreement designed to meet those goals. This process may include estate planning and reassignment of assets in addition to the preparation of the prenuptial agreement itself.

A type of marital planning, commonly called a “postnuptial agreement” but occurring during the course of a marriage, can also be very helpful in the event either spouse will receive a significant inheritance or interest in a family business. This type of planning is also helpful when one spouse will be forming a business. As with premarital planning, this type of planning clarifies each spouse’s interest in the asset or debt that will be acquired.

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