Fatal crash closes westbound Pennsylvania Turnpike

An accident last weekend on the Pennsylvania Turnpike left one person dead and multiple vehicles damaged. The accident occurred sometime in the early morning hours, as the westbound portion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was closed starting around 4 a.m. That portion of the turnpike was reopened before 11 a.m. No other details were presented in the source article for this post.

In the absence of any material to go off of, all we can do is speculate about the cause of this accident and the details surrounding it.

One fact that jumps out is the 4 a.m. closure of the turnpike. This could mean a couple of things. The first is that it is possible that one of the drivers involved in the crash was drunk. Later hours, after bars close, can see an increased presence of intoxicated drivers out on the road. Another possibility here is that one of the drivers was fatigued, thus leading to the accident. Or maybe none of this is true and the accident simply happened, well, by accident. Until more information is released about the crash, it is impossible to tell exactly what went on.

Fatalities and injuries are also big parts of car accidents. The fatality in this case is tragic and the victim’s loved ones will want answers as soon as possible. A wrongful death lawsuit could be possible if negligence was involved in the crash. Injuries are more common in car accidents, and they can occur in less serious accidents too. The injured people may miss work or have to deal with massive medical bills.

Source: The Morning Call, “PA Turnpike reopens after fatal, multi-car crash,” June 3, 2017