How to avoid a Homecoming DUI charge

It is homecoming season for many Pennsylvania college and university students. With all the excitement is in the air and celebrations going on, some college goers may participate in some unsafe and questionable activities like binge drinking and driving. If you are still in the process of making your homecoming plans, make sure you take the consequences of your actions into consideration.

You do not want your most unforgettable homecoming moment to be about you being arrested for drinking and driving. You may feel pressure from your friends and colleagues. If you give in, you could end up with a homecoming DUI. Take some time to review the following ways you can avoid placing your future in jeopardy.

Stay sober

If you are under the age of 21, you should not drink alcohol or use any controlled substance that is not medically necessary. You do not need to be intoxicated to enjoy the homecoming festivities, and besides, you want to be able to remember all the fun you have. Alcohol can interfere with your memory and make it hard for you to recall events. It can also alter your perception, motor skills and thought processes.

Although you may be concerned about drinking and driving, intoxication can lead you to break the law in other ways that can also have an adverse effect on your future. If you cannot resist the pressure and end up drinking, catch the bus, or use a taxi or ride share service like Uber or Lyft to drive you around.

Be the designated driver

Offer to be a designated driver for your friends. Your actions can help others avoid college DUI charges. Some people are capable of drinking small amounts of alcohol and driving without experiencing any of the intoxicating effects. However, you do not know for certain that your body will respond the same way. You could end up under the influence after just one drink.

Considerations about being the designated driver

You may not be inebriated when you are behind the wheel. But if you are in a vehicle full of friends who are, your safety may become compromised. Do not let your passengers distract you. Stay calm and focused on driving and getting everyone home safely. Follow all traffic rules, adhere to all speed limits and remain cautious when approaching intersections. You may be on the road with other intoxicated motorists coming from the homecoming activities and other events.

You do not want to risk your life, freedom or future for a few minutes of drunk fun with your friends and roommates. Think before you act, and remember that a DUI charge even for a first-time offender and college student carries serious consequences that can endanger your education, employment and other opportunities.