On liability and car accidents

An obviously critical factor after any motor vehicle accident is the concept of liability. Who is at fault in a motor vehicle accident? What does that liability mean for the victims? What happens if there is civil litigation after a car accident? These are important questions, and it is always better for them to be answered with an attorney by your side.

But before you get to that point, determining and proving liability in the wake of an accident is your priority. So how do you do that?

One of the most reliable ways is to have the police report confirm your claims that another driver was at fault. The biggest problem with this approach is that the police don’t respond to every accident scene. And if they do, the report may not reflect the liability situation you have envisioned. Still, this report can contain critical information for you and other victims of a car accident. Getting a copy of the report is not a problem, and if it shows someone else is at fault, then it gives you a substantial amount of evidence to utilize.

The circumstances of the crash itself can go a long way towards determining liability. For example, when someone rear-ends another vehicle, it is that vehicle’s fault. Similarly, when someone is making a left turn and they cut off oncoming traffic, they are at fault.

In all situations, though, you should have an attorney to support your case. If you are in need of such help, the attorneys at Engle & Kauffman are here for you.