Beer truck crashes, driver suffers minor injuries

More than a month ago, we wrote a post about four trucks being involved in an accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. There’s no information about injuries to the people involved in the crash, and little else to go on in the story. Today, we want to continue the theme of truck accidents on this blog by discussing another wreck — but one that centers on the cargo being carried by the truck at the time of the accident.

A truck that was carrying 60,000 cans of beer crashed on a highway, leading to suds-filled road. The truck driver veered outside his lane and, while trying to correct it, the truck toppled over due to the heavy load it was carrying. The driver suffered minor injuries in the crash.

The cargo carried by a truck is critical in many accident cases. Perhaps the cargo was improperly loaded, causing an imbalance that makes the vehicle tough to control and vulnerable to tipping over while going around a curve in the road. Perhaps the cargo is incredibly dangerous, or possibly even illegal to transport. Or maybe the cargo wasn’t properly secured at all, or the truck driver or truck company knew they were attempting a risky delivery with dangerous substances or flimsy methods of security.

Relating this back to our source article: what if the beer cans were mostly loaded on one side of the truck, making the vehicle unstable? What if the beer cans themselves hit other cars on the road, causing an accident? A truck’s cargo should never be overlooked as a piece of evidence in a truck accident.

Source: WGN 9, “Truck spills 60,000 pounds of Busch beer onto Florida interstate,” March 7, 2018