How to drink responsibly at football games

With the Penn State football season in full swing, it is the time of year for tailgating and parties with friends. It is also a time of year when police are on the lookout for drunk drivers after football games, and considering how much alcohol the average sports fan consumes in a single game, it is important to remain safe and never put yourself or others in danger.

You do not want a day of fun to end with a DUI arrest. The best rule to keep in mind is to not drink anything during a game. You do not have to become intoxicated to enjoy yourself, and here are other tips for staying out of legal trouble.

Stop drinking by the end of the first quarter

Beaver Stadium only sells beer and wine occasionally with possible plans to sell it regularly in the future. If you are able to buy a beer in the stadium or bring your own to have at the tailgate, you will want to stop drinking once the first quarter ends. This should give your body enough time to remove the alcohol from your system.

Select a designated driver

If you plan on tailgating every home game this season, then you and your group should have designated drivers each time. Switch who receives the designation so that everyone gets opportunities to get rowdy. At the very least, someone should be responsible for coordinating rides with a local taxi company or Uber.

Be aware of Pennsylvania’s open container laws

In addition to avoiding a DUI, you should also watch out for accidentally violating the state’s open container laws. Drivers cannot have any open containers of alcohol in their private vehicles at any time. While tailgating, you should not allow people to consume alcohol inside your car. This could put you in trouble later if someone leaves behind an empty beer bottle on the passenger seat, and a cop sees it later.