The products consumers use should work and be defect-free, right?

Here’s an assumption that we submit merits unanimous agreement among our readers and all Pennsylvania consumers: The products we daily use should operate safely and as intended.

That’s hardly an unreasonable expectation. And it has always been the goal of regulators and government officials in the United States. Individuals and families necessarily rely in good faith on manufactured products from virtually every realm. It is not too much to ask that their makers and sellers act competently in offering them to the public.

And yet such is not always the case. Sad – often tragic – stories routinely surface across the country that chronicle the devastating and frequently deadly injuries suffered by both children and adult users from malfunctioning and defective goods.

The universe of such products is truly vast. Product liability cases grounded in third-party negligence spotlight farm and agricultural machinery and equipment. Legions of homeowners, workers and others suffer starkly incapacitating injuries (e.g., paralysis, traumatic head trauma, burns and vision/hearing loss) linked with use of improperly functioning power tools. Automobile parts and accessories, appliances, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, toys – all these and more yield catastrophic harm among the general public when negligence features in their making, distribution or failure to provide reasonable warnings regarding use. Defective products turn lives upside down in a shockingly high number of cases.

Personal injury victims should know that they can aggressively pursue a meaningful remedy by retaining an experienced and empathetic product liability attorney. Individuals who do so often find a sense of purpose in demanding accountability and deterring similar future outcomes.

Importantly, they can also pursue a maximum legal recovery at the same time, which addresses medical expenses, lost income, rehabilitation needs, emotional pain and additionally relevant factors.

A proven pro-victims’ legal team can provide further information.