How can a dog bite affect you?

There are plenty of dogs and dog-owners to encounter in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, no matter how many dogs you have run into in the past, you may never know when you will come across one that is inclined to bite. Dog bite attacks affect everyone differently and can result in trauma at varying levels of severity. 

Being bitten by a dog can leave you dealing with several physical and mental repercussions. Physically, you could end up with damage to your nerves and soft tissue. You could also suffer the risk of infection. In some cases, people who have been bitten on the face, hands or feet also have to deal with broken bones. These injuries can be painful and disfiguring. They can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to heal from, as well. Some may even be debilitating. 

There are mental effects involved in being the victim of a dog bite attack, too. For example, many victims end up suffering from depression, anxiety or even post-traumatic stress disorder. Some develop a fear of dogs, while others become so afraid of another attack that they refuse to leave their homes. Getting over the trauma of the event can take years of therapy and some people may not ever be able to return to the mental place they were at before the attack.