Who Will Pay My Medical Expenses After A Motorcycle Accident?

motorcycle accident medical expensesKnow Your Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Laws

Before you take to the open road on your motorcycle in Pennsylvania, you better have insurance coverage. While each state has different requirements for motorcycle insurance coverage, the focus is on your resident state of Pennsylvania. 

Our State College personal injury lawyers will tell you that the insurance industry is anxious to sell you on all the reasons you need to buy specific insurance. However, seldom do these insurance companies tell you what  areas policies do not cover until you find yourself in a situation where you need to make a claim for an accident and find you are not covered. Then, of course, this sets you in a panic mode, wondering where you will get the money to pay for costs incurred as a result of your accident. 

Each accident is unique, with different outcomes depending on the extent and circumstances of your motorcycle accident. However, minor injuries to life-changing injuries from your motorcycle accident can cause you a significant financial setback. 

Our State College personal injury lawyers discovered that most motorcycle accidents are not caused by their drivers but by other negligent drivers on the road such as, but not limited to,

  • Drivers calling and texting on their cell phone while driving 
  • Inattentive and distracted drivers
  • Intoxicated drivers 
  • Elderly drivers who have no patience for motorcyclists
  • Overtired and speeding truckers

Hidden Secrets Regarding Motorcycle Insurance in PA

Our lawyers see an increase in cases of personal injury State College, PA, involving motorcycles on the road. Motorcycle insurance will not pay for medical bills due to your motorcycle accident. It is your private medical insurance or the at-fault driver’s insurance that must pay your medical bills., Our personal injury law firm State College Pennsylvania, can help you recoup your mounting costs from your motorcycle accident. Problems arise from this as follows:

  • Your medical policy may not provide you adequate coverage
  • The responsible driver’s insurance may have inadequate policy limits that are insignificant to cover your bills. 
  • You may not have insurance, or the other driver at fault may not be insured. 

Be aware that motorcycle insurance coverage is a separate policy through your insurance company. In addition, your car insurance policy does not include coverage for your motorcycle under Pennsylvania law. Even if you have an insurance policy written to cover your bike, be aware of its minimum limitations protecting you in the event of an accident. 

It is critical to talk with your insurance agent about buying adequate motorcycle insurance coverage, choosing the best options for you, and getting the most affordable cost. Also, be sure to check into the collision coverage in the event you total your bike. Unfortunately, many of these policies do not have collision coverage, and if they do offer this coverage, it is inadequate to replace your bike should an accident total your bike. 

Engle, Kauffman, & VanHorn have seasoned and experienced State College personal injury attorneys whose expertise involves wrongful accident/injury/death in PA. We know Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance laws. However, the majority of clients we meet and help are not aware of, nor do they understand what their motorcycle insurance covers or does not cover in the state of Pennsylvania. After your accident occurs, the sad truth is that it is too late to make sure you are adequately protected on the road. It is our goal to educate motorcycle enthusiasts on the Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance laws. 

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