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Business owner is liable for slip and fall on black ice October 23, 2020 | personal injury

Business owners and their employees owe a duty to provide customers and visitors with safe premises. When slip-and-fall accidents occur in parking lots or on sidewalks, an injured party may file a legal action to recover damages. A court may award compensation for medical expenses, surgical repairs, rehabilitation and time off for recovery. According to the Pennsylvania General Assembly website, an injured customer or visitor has two years… READ MORE

How can disorderly conduct impact your education? October 16, 2020 | college student criminal defense

Going to college means ample opportunity for you to socialize and experience new and exciting adventures. However, sometimes certain factors may cause unanticipated circumstances and you may find yourself participating in situations you later regret. Charges of disorderly conduct could impact your education in ways you did not expect. Your understanding of what constitutes disorderly conduct, as well as how it may impact your life can… READ MORE

Reviewing distracted driving statistics October 01, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle collisions happen for a host of reasons, including drowsy driving, people making the reckless decision to drink alcohol before operating a vehicle, speeding and bad weather. However, distracted driving plays a role in many motor vehicle wrecks and it is important for drivers to go over statistics on these crashes to develop a better understanding of this issue and stay safe on the road…. READ MORE

What are Pennsylvania’s ignition interlock requirements? September 10, 2020 | college student criminal defense

With the school year starting in State College, all students should be aware of how serious drunk driving is and take steps to prevent it. Drunk driving carries a variety of heavy penalties attached to it, in addition to the risks inherent with getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. One of these penalties is ignition interlock devices. Like all states in the country, Pennsylvania has ignition… READ MORE

Accidents involving big rigs and vicarious liability September 08, 2020 | personal injury

Few vehicle accidents are more frightening than a crash with an 18-wheeler. If you are the victim of a collision with a massive truck, who is responsible for your injuries? Will vicarious liability play a role in the compensation you deserve? Big rigs and crashes One of the major causes of big rig crashes is overloaded cargo that is prone to shift, causing the truck to… READ MORE