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1 driver injured, 1 dead in 2-vehicle crash June 05, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

A portion of Route 8 in Hampton, Pennsylvania, closed down recently following a two-vehicle crash that left one driver dead and the other injured. Authorities continue to investigate the collision and intend to determine whether to file charges in consultation with the district attorney’s office.  The collision occurred in the area of Mt. Royal Boulevard in the early afternoon of Tuesday, May 26th, 2020. Neither vehicle carried any… READ MORE

Dog attacks on mail carriers are near 7,000 May 29, 2020 | personal injury

When you think of the most dangerous jobs in America, the mail carrier rarely comes to mind. With personal injury claims becoming more common, the idea of the dog chasing the mailman seems to live on only in the 80s’ and 90’s kids’ movies.  However, recent data points to the fact that many mail carriers still suffer from the threat of dog bites. NBC News reports… READ MORE

Witness testimony against bus driver results in $15M verdict May 22, 2020 | personal injury

Passengers injured while riding commercial transportation have a right to file a legal action for compensation. Surviving family members can also recover from their loss of a loved one.  A jury trial generally reveals whether a commercial driver operated a vehicle negligently or with carelessness. To prove a vehicle operator caused a crash, parties who suffered injuries may need to present their evidence in court.  Testimony… READ MORE

Are you wearing your seatbelt incorrectly? May 18, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

Seatbelts are simple yet very effective safety devices found in every modern vehicle. They are standard because they work to save lives in accidents. However, if you do not wear one properly, it may not be as effective and could harm you in a crash. This is why children must sit in booster seats once they are too big for a safety seat. The booster puts… READ MORE

Dashboard dangers: Common knee injuries after a car accident May 01, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

While injuries to the knee after a car accident are common, other injuries typically spring to mind when people think of injuries suffered in car accidents. These can include whiplash, brain trauma and more. However, car accident victims should not overlook knee injuries. Both drivers and front-seat passengers are at risk for substantial knee impact during an accident.  Common knee injuries Drivers and passengers should be aware… READ MORE

Pedestrian deaths in Pennsylvania on the rise April 28, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

With the arrival of spring, more people tend to think about getting outdoors to enjoy the more temperate weather and change of seasons. Whether walking the dog or going for a jog, people can be in the position of being a pedestrian among vehicles at any turn. Sadly, there can be a very dangerous side to this reality as it seems too many drivers fail to… READ MORE

FMCSA Hours of Service rule lifted temporarily April 21, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

In an effort to curb or eliminate accidents and fatalities caused by fatigued truckers operating big rigs, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration developed a set of rules that outlines the maximum number of hours a trucker may work each day and each week.  Referred to as the Hours of Service rule, this rule caps the number of driving hours for property-carrying drivers as 11 per day with… READ MORE

Is there such thing as a pothole damage claim? April 14, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

In the best-case scenario, a pothole is a minor inconvenience and an unsightly mark on an otherwise smooth surface. In the worst-case scenario, a pothole can cause considerable damage to your vehicle or even an accident. Depending on the depth of the pothole and the speed at which you hit it, a pothole can cause considerable damage to your vehicle and physical health. If it does,… READ MORE