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Accidents involving big rigs and vicarious liability September 08, 2020 | personal injury

Few vehicle accidents are more frightening than a crash with an 18-wheeler. If you are the victim of a collision with a massive truck, who is responsible for your injuries? Will vicarious liability play a role in the compensation you deserve? Big rigs and crashes One of the major causes of big rig crashes is overloaded cargo that is prone to shift, causing the truck to… READ MORE

Detailing a property owner’s duty of care August 25, 2020 | personal injury

It may be difficult for a reasonably healthy, able-bodied adult in State College to completely comprehend the health risks posed by falls (particularly ground-level falls). Such a person may think that the only thing at risk of injury in such an incident is one’s pride. Yet while it is true that the demographic most at-risk of suffering a serious injury from a fall is the elderly,… READ MORE

Do you need help paying your medical bills? August 21, 2020 | personal injury

After your recent accident, you found yourself with a mountain of medical bills. While you may have a personal injury case against the at-fault party, you must still confront the immediate concern of how to pay for your medical expenses. Learn your options for getting help to pay for medical treatment. Keep collections agencies off your back while you focus on recovering. Look for errors Before you… READ MORE

The dangers of trying to eat while driving July 22, 2020 | personal injury

Distracted driving takes many different forms and while many people realize how dangerous it is to use a phone behind the wheel, there are other behaviors that are also very distracting. For example, trying to eat food when one is also focusing on driving responsibilities is very dangerous and many accidents occur as a result of eating and driving. If you were recently struck by a… READ MORE

Review ladder safety before DIY projects July 01, 2020 | personal injury

According to the journal Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, 97% of approximately half a million annual ladder falls occur at home or on a farm. Although few of these incidents are fatal, many people experience significant injury and long-term disability.  Understand best practices for ladder safety before ascending a ladder at home or work.  Check your ladder Never use a damaged ladder, no matter how minor the issue… READ MORE