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How to avoid a Homecoming DUI charge October 04, 2017 | college student criminal defense

It is homecoming season for many Pennsylvania college and university students. With all the excitement is in the air and celebrations going on, some college goers may participate in some unsafe and questionable activities like binge drinking and driving. If you are still in the process of making your homecoming plans, make sure you take the consequences of your actions into consideration. You do not want… READ MORE

Using nonprescribed drugs can have serious consequences July 08, 2017 | college student criminal defense

College is stressful. You are likely juggling multiple classes, papers to write and tests to take. Managing all these responsibilities can be a lot to handle, and many students have found that indulging in prescription-only stimulant medications may help maintain their focus and performance. According to CNN, in fact, the use of so-called “study drugs” is continually on the rise. There are several things students and… READ MORE