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2023 Guide to Personal Injury in Pennsylvania March 06, 2023 | personal injury

A personal injury claim in Pennsylvania, technically known as a tort, provides a remedy in the court system for someone who has been injured by another party that could have been avoided. Similar to other states, success in a personal injury claim depends on certain elements, proven by facts and documentation, being successfully shown. If not, then the suit fails, and the defending party is deemed… READ MORE

Bicycle Safety Tips for Riding in Pennsylvania April 19, 2021 | personal injury

You enjoy the freedom and flexibility that riding a bicycle gives you. At times, you will have to share the road with larger and much faster vehicles. You must take the measures necessary to prevent an accident with such vehicles. In general, you should ride either on designated bikeways or on the shoulder of the road you are on, and you should ride in a way… READ MORE

Should I Let Another Driver’s Insurance Company View My Medical Records? April 05, 2021 | motor vehicle accidents, personal injury

When you file an injury claim with an insurance company for the driver who caused the accident that injured you, the last thing that the insurance company wants to do is pay you the compensation you deserve. After all, the less money they pay you, the more they get to keep for themselves. Because of this, a defendant’s insurance company will do all it can to… READ MORE

How Hard is it to Make a Claim for Disability? March 26, 2021 | personal injury

How Hard Is It To Make A Disability Claim? Many clients raise the issue of how hard it can be to make a disability claim. Anyone who experiences an impairment that makes it difficult to engage in routine activities is eligible to make a disability claim. Making a claim must be taken seriously if one wants to achieve a successful outcome. In terms of what is… READ MORE

Business owner is liable for slip and fall on black ice October 23, 2020 | personal injury

Business owners and their employees owe a duty to provide customers and visitors with safe premises. When slip-and-fall accidents occur in parking lots or on sidewalks, an injured party may file a legal action to recover damages. A court may award compensation for medical expenses, surgical repairs, rehabilitation and time off for recovery. According to the Pennsylvania General Assembly website, an injured customer or visitor has two years… READ MORE