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3 Reasons to Minimize Media Use When Facing Criminal Charges March 25, 2024 | firm news

Imagine this: you’ve just been arrested and face criminal charges. Maybe it’s something serious, maybe it isn’t, but regardless, the situation feels overwhelming. You’re likely experiencing a flood of emotions – fear, anger, uncertainty. It’s tempting to turn to the internet or the 24-hour news cycle for answers, reassurance, or just distraction. But before you dive in, here’s why limiting media consumption is one of the… READ MORE

Driving during the winter poses additional risks December 20, 2019 | firm news

Winters in Pennsylvania can be treacherous, and they present dangers for those driving on the road. Everyone should review how to drive in ice and snow, but it is especially important for younger drivers or those who are new to the state.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 20% of all motor vehicle accidents occur during winter conditions. High levels of snow and ice buildup require drivers… READ MORE

How can a dog bite affect you? November 27, 2019 | firm news

There are plenty of dogs and dog-owners to encounter in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, no matter how many dogs you have run into in the past, you may never know when you will come across one that is inclined to bite. Dog bite attacks affect everyone differently and can result in trauma at varying levels of severity.  Being bitten by a dog can leave you dealing with several physical… READ MORE

Food truck explosion results in record-breaking $160M settlement November 04, 2019 | firm news

A Pennsylvania food truck owner and her 17-year-old daughter both perished from burns sustained during a devastating explosion. The blast also left nine other individuals and two minors with severe injuries. One of the children required numerous surgeries to recover from burns, scars and disfigurement to 65% of his body, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.  At Engle, Kauffman & VanHorn, P.C., we understand how a catastrophic accident can… READ MORE

PA colleges rank among the highest for drugs and alcohol October 31, 2019 | firm news

In spite of the legal drinking age and the laws around controlled substances, college students continue to experiment with alcohol in drugs. While this happens in every state and virtually all colleges, Pennsylvania does rank among the highest for drug and alcohol crimes and the resulting arrests.  USA Today points out that fraternity hazing has a role to play in this. It has led to binge drinking, alcohol poisoning,… READ MORE