Drivers should expect additional DUI patrols this weekend

While many may be focused on travelling to their favorite holiday destination and having a great weekend, the dangers that come with Memorial Day weekend cannot be ignored.  The American Automobile Association projects nearly 30 million Americans will take to the road this weekend. Given the anticipated use of alcohol during holiday celebrations, it is understandable that safety advocates view the upcoming weekend as one of the most dangerous times to be on the road all year.

By now, you have probably seen the public service announcements warning drivers that additional patrols will be out to get drunk drivers off the road. There is tremendous political pressure behind these advertisements (as well as the drive to put more officers on the streets). After all, alcohol related crashes during holidays often receive considerable television coverage, and public officials may look like they are not properly addressing public safety issues.

With that, drivers should expect additional patrols and sobriety checkpoints throughout the holiday weekend.

We find this especially important because some drivers who will eventually be stopped (and arrested) on suspicion of drunk driving, may eventually be deemed not be legally impaired under Pennsylvania law. It is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney  available who can analyze the facts in a particular situation and inform the accused of any defenses that may be available. It may be that the stop may not have been proper, or the field sobriety tests were inconclusive in generating the probable cause necessary for an arrest.

Regardless, we urge our readers to be cautious on the roads this weekend.