Domestic Partner Agreements

Entering Into A Domestic Partnership

Pennsylvania law does not provide any legal framework for the financial arrangements of household partners entering into or leaving a non-married relationship. When a long-term non-married relationship terminates, one of the partners may find himself or herself substantially financially disadvantaged or both may find that the arrangements they made during the relationship are not honored under the law.

Domestic Partner Agreements are binding contracts between the parties. They can be entered into at any time before or during the relationship. After exploring your goals for an agreement, we at Engle, Kauffman & VanHorn, P.C., will prepare appropriate documents to meet those goals, including preparing the Agreement itself and addressing titling of assets, debt and estate planning.

When a domestic partner relationship ends, we can provide neutral mediation services to help you and your partner resolve asset and debt issues. We can also guide you through any legal actions that may be necessary to protect your assets if mediation is not an option.

Same-Sex Marriage In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, like the rest of the country, now recognizes same-sex marriage. However, a variety of issues could arise with couples that entered into domestic partnership agreements prior to Pennsylvania’s recognition of same-sex marriage. In addition, partners may still prefer to enter into domestic partnership agreements rather than marriage, for a variety of reasons. Issues with regard to children remain complicated and not completely addressed for many same-sex partners, even those who are married.

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