Spousal Support/Temporary Alimony

Seeking And Collecting Spousal Support Or Temporary Alimony

In Pennsylvania, statewide guidelines are used to determine if one spouse may owe support to the other. The guidelines are based upon each spouse’s earnings or earning capacity. While this calculation may appear straightforward, nuances may apply, particularly when one spouse does not work, is a business owner, or receives inconsistent or unusual sources of income.

Additionally, the court may deviate from the guidelines in cases where either party has extraordinary expenses or needs. At Engle, Kauffman & VanHorn, P.C., we will analyze your situation to determine the circumstances that may affect a support calculation and the documentation needed to support that analysis. We will provide you with experienced and zealous representation whether in a support conference, court hearing or subsequent appeals.

Obtaining Alimony

Post-divorce alimony may be applicable in some divorce cases. As part of our analysis of your divorce case, we will determine whether it might be a factor in your case and, if so, how it might be applied.

As alimony is generally tax-deductible to the paying spouse and taxable to the recipient, it can be a valuable tool to transfer funds between households to the benefit of both. We have the experience to explore the financial consequences of alimony to each spouse. We will also work with your tax and financial advisers to determine the manner in which alimony can work to your benefit in a full resolution of your divorce case.

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