Child Support

Taking On The Full Range Of Child Support Matters

In Pennsylvania, statewide guidelines are used to determine how much child support one parent may owe to the other, based on each parent’s earnings or earning capacity. The amount of time a child spends with each parent will also impact a calculation. Even when parents share equal physical custody of the children, child support may be ordered. While calculation may appear simple, nuances often apply, particularly when one parent does not work, is a business owner, or receives inconsistent or unusual sources of income. Additionally, the court may deviate from the guidelines in cases where either party or a child has extraordinary expenses or needs.

At Engle, Kauffman & VanHorn, P.C., we maintain a comprehensive family practice. We will analyze your situation to determine the circumstances that may affect a support order or calculation and the documentation that would support this analysis. We provide well-reasoned and documented support and zealous advocacy for your position whether in a support conference, a hearing before the court or a subsequent appeal.

Modifying Child Support Orders

Court-ordered child support can be modified if there is a substantial change of circumstances. This can include increased or decreased earnings by either parent, the high school graduation of a child, extraordinary increased expenses for the child or the passage of a significant period of time. Additionally, the statewide guidelines are reviewed and adjusted periodically, and this adjustment is considered a substantial change of circumstances.

If you believe your child support order should be modified, our attorneys will review with you the changes that have occurred since the previous order and file or defend a petition for modification as needed.

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